Bacon Curing Kit – unsmoked

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Simple home bacon cure

Easy to use

Makes 1kg of bacon (about 40 rashers)

Includes cure, bags and timers

Full, simple, easy to use instructions

Kit #1

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Simple, easy to use home bacon curing kit. The original Cheese Monkey kit for making and preserving food at home using traditional techniques.

This bacon curing kit has everything you need (except a piece of pork) to make your own bacon at home.

Using this bacon making kit you can not only taste your very own homemade bacon, but you will also understand the process that turns ordinary pork into tasty dry-cured bacon.

This kit uses the traditional dry-curing technique (as opposed to brine cure), the first part of the process is to coat the outside of the pork with the curing salts. This does two things it dries out the meat by drawing moisture away from iit and is also allows the flavours of the cure to diffuse into the meat. The kit includes a curing bag which simplifies and speeds up the process. The second stage is to dry out the bacon, this intensifies the flavour and means that the meat is slightly more preserved than fresh meat. This Cheese Monkey kit includes two timers that make sure when you dry out your bacon you’ll know at exactly which stage to stop.

The curing salts have been provided in two separate sachets so you can make two batches of 500g each. Maybe try curing different cuts of meat or allowing to cure for a longer time to see what type you prefer.


Kit includes:

  • Bacon Curing salts
  • Curing bags
  • Pop-up timers
  • Full, easy step-by-step instructions

3 reviews for Bacon Curing Kit – unsmoked

  1. testy

    Such a cool gift. (I bought it for myself).

    I’d forgotten how good bacon was supposed to taste.


    spot on it worked well for me shame it is out of stock

  3. Andre

    A very simple and easy to use kit. I had the natural (unsmoked) cure and it produced great bacon.
    Also, the customer service is excellent. Jane was aabsolutely fantastic.
    They go the extra mile to make sure that you are satisfied.

    Now to try the smoked cure for smoked bacon! really looking forward to it.

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