Cheesy Bacon Box

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Simple, easy to use Cheese Making and Bacon curing kit

Combines two of Cheese Monkey’s best selling kits.

Make your own bacon and cheese – become a delicatessen!

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Cheese Monkey had been selling both cheese making and bacon curing kits for a while when we noticed that many of our cheese customers returned to become bacon customers. So we decided to make it easier for you by combining two of our kits into one.

The Cheesy Bacon box combines the contents of our 10 Batch Cheese Making kit with the simple bacon curing kit.

It’ll make 5kg of Cheese and 1kg of bacon, that’s enough for lots of cheesy bacon butties!

The cheeses that are included in the instructions are: mozzarella & ricotta (plus two variants in these, burrata and ricotta salata). These are all simple to make cheese and very quick, you’ll be eating your own fresh mozzarella in less than an hour after you get back from the shops with the milk. Or if you have the patience you can wait a week for your ricotta salata, this is a salty, tangy, tasty cheese – think of it like a speedy parmesan (real parmesan takes at least 6 months to make)

Home cured bacon takes about 3 days to complete and involves two stages, first is the curing and then it needs drying. Don’t worry everything is in the box for making perfect dried cured bacon, including some timers to make sure you get the drying stage just right!


Kit includes:

  • Cheese making ingredients
  • Vegetarian rennet
  • Cheese Mould (for shaping/draining the cheese)
  • Full colour instructions – easy to follow (possibly foolproof?)
  • Dry Bacon Cure
  • Curing bags
  • Curing timer/thermometers

1 review for Cheesy Bacon Box

  1. Jade

    Superb! I bought one for a friend and was so pleased, went back to get a second one for myself.

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