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The best selling cheese making kit. With this artisan cheese kit you can easily make 30 different types of fresh cheese.

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If you’re new to making cheese at home then this kit is perfect for you because it has everything you need (except the milk)

Each one of the 20 different recipes is clearly laid out with fantastic photos and step-by-step instructions in the 44 page, full colour book included with the kit. This is our big cheese making kit.

Includes the Cheese Monkey recipe book (available separately)

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The Artisan Cheese Making Kit is the most comprehensive of all Cheese Monkey’s kits.
We built upon the experience and feedback from our smaller kits and spent a great deal of time refining the results.
The kit is designed to make 30 different cheeses and has enough ingredients to make each variety several times.
We selected the recipes to show the variety of cheese that can be made at home by a novice cheesemaker.
Each recipe shows the subtle changes that can be be made to ingredients and methods with the result of producing entirely different cheeses.
You might simply want to make thee cheese or you may want to learn about the process, the included booklet makes both possible. As you try the recipes and sample the cheeses then you’re growing knowledge of the process will allow you modify and invent your own cheeses.

Kit includes: Ingredients (except dairy and milk), thermometer, cheese mould (basket), cheesecloth, 74 page full colour recipe book, vegetarian rennet

Cheeses to make 30 different ones from all around the world: greek cheeses, mozzarella, burrata, ricotta, cheshire, cottage cheese, mascarpone, quark and more…

The Cheese Monkey offers full support with this cheese making kit so if you have any issues, then help and guidance is only an email away. Although the fantastic reviews of the simple, easy to follow recipes suggest you won’t need it… but just in case… we’re there for you.

16 reviews for Artisan Cheese Making Kit

  1. Arty Cheese

    I bought this from Amazon and was very impressed. It does exactly what is says, makes lots of different types of cheese.

    I’ve tried making 10 of them so far and was particular impressed with the halloumi cheese. It was possibly even better than the stuff I bought from Tescos

  2. Ultimate Customer

    Brilliant, loved it. Made some mozzarella first, didn’t realise it’d be so easy. This cheese making kit was a gift from my brother and he came around to try my homemade cheese. Can’t wait to try out some more of the recipes. Probably do the ricotta next. Not so sure about the goats cheese though, not sure where I can buy the goats milk from?

  3. sasquatch

    I’ve just bought this as an Xmas gift. Not sure if it works but it’s well packaged and the instructions all look nice and clear. Hopefully it’ll be appreciated and maybe I’ll get a return gift of some mozzarella for a pizza.

  4. GetmetotheGreek

    Brilliant. Made myself some mozzarella for a pizza and then ricotta for a salad. I used cows milk for the ricotta, v. tasty and next time I might get some goats milk from Tesco.

  5. Fiona Crownshaw

    I was bought this as a present. I have made the halloumi so far. Incredibly easy and tastes so much nicer than the supermarket bought cheese. Cannot wait to make the rest. It is a great parcel with clear instructions. Totally recommend this as a fun thing to do. Friends have been impressed by my efforts.

  6. Mr Adrian Wilson

    I was bought the kit by my Son who knows I just love my Cheese. I first made Cheshire, it was great and didn’t take long. Should have really pressed it a little more but didn’t have enough height in the fridge for a jar to sit on top of the mould. Now bought a set of old Balance Scales weights from a Second Hand Shop which is much better. Then used the Whey from the Cheshire to make Brunost. Simmered this for 3 hours and was left with a slightly Caramel flavoured Spreading Cheese, lovely

  7. Kevin Keeling

    Really pleased with the results so far ,never made Cheese before but instructions are really easy to follow .Thank you

  8. Carol Robertson

    Totally recommend

    The book is really good and easy to follow. It’s good to have what you need in the kit and you soon start to get familiar with making cheese. I have just got it and have made a Mozzarella and it is delicious and used the leftover whey to make Brunost. And that’s so brilliant and not an easy cheese to buy. I am now making some more as there is some whey left. And I am so excited about what to make next.

    The whole thing is utterly pleasing, even the wee box it comes in. And my confidence has been helped by how well the book is written.

  9. Samantha Thompson -Macro

    Best present ever, good quality ingredients and equipment, easy to follow recipe book, never thought cheese making could be so fun and tasty, in an really enjoying making home made cheese as are my family and my colleagues at work. I would really recommend this cheese box, I was bought for christmas and I still making lots of lovely cheese.

  10. Barnaby Isard

    Wow what a great kit.
    Everything you need (apart from the milk). We have already had A really cheesy success. The product is very well packaged and had an amazing amount of well Illustrated booklets and recipes. I still have 24 cheeses to go .

  11. Jay Carlisle

    Fantastic kit. Mozzarella, halloumi, chechil, rich Cheshire, and brunost all worked really well and are extremely tasty. Not made any of the others yet.
    I love the detail and how each step is explained so you know why you’re doing it.
    Thoroughly recommended.

  12. Amanda

    What a fantastic gift, this kit includes everything you need to make lots of lovely cheeses. Just add milk and fresh bread to eat your results with! I love roule, and was surprised by how delicious the three I made (I MADE!!).

  13. Adrienne macphee

    Was missing rennet in my order. However the company corrected this as soon as they were aware by sending out the rennet. Very polite and apologetic. Thank you

  14. Patrick Connelly

    This kit is fabulous. Made 3 different cheeses already and going to have a go at some more advanced cheese making too.

    I can highly recommend this kit for anyone, whatever level you are at.


  15. Lindsey Cox

    Oh my goodness, why didn’t I know about this before. I love foraging, making preserves etc. so this is right up my street. Received this as a Xmas gift. The recipes are delicious, the kit is child’s play to use and the results are simply superb. Pair a goat’s cheese in truffle oil with olive tapenade or pomegranate chutney and blow your family’s mind away. If you haven’t bought it yet, you’re missing out.

  16. Simon

    Made our first cheese today, me and our two adolescent children. Went for the beginner-recommended mozzarella. It was so easy, with the high quality booklet explaining everything clearly and simply and transmitting the excitement and encouragement that is clearly at the core of the Cheese Monkey people. Made us all feel so good that we could actually make our own cheese in our absolutely tiny kitchen and was great fun as a family activity. The excitement of watching your first cheese’s curds separating from the whey was a bit akin to that felt in a first go at old-fashioned film developing and photo printing. Really want to try some hard cheeses now and also the halloumi-style grilling cheese, as we all love that. Highly recommended kit!

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