Big Boys Bacon Box


  • Bacon Curing Kit
  • Makes both smoked and regular bacon
  • Includes cure, curing bags, thermometers
  • Simple, easy to use instructions included
  • Cheese Monkey kit#5

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Many people are so used to eating supermarket bacon that they’ve forgotten what the real things tastes like! This bacon curing kit allows you to make bacon that tastes like it is supposed to.

The kit includes full instructions and all the kit you need (except the meat). All you need to do is follow the simple step-by-step method and you’ll be eating homemade bacon in  a few days after buying this kit.

When you cure your own bacon you’ll understand how and why bacon is preserved this way.

The first stage is the curing, this kit uses a dry cure (four sachets are included and each one makes 500g of bacon) the cure draws moisture out of the pork – this concentrates the flavour and salt diffuses into the meat which enhances the taste. This is a slow process and takes a few days – well worth the wait.

The next stage is a drying of the meat, the thermometers included are perfect for getting this just right. You are aiming to dry out the bacon rather than cook it.

This is the tradition of bacon curing, first a curing with salt and then a drying.

The smoked bacon cure is made from real hickory smoke which is incorporated into the dry, powdered cure.

So why does a Cheese Monkey bacon cure make such tasty bacon? Well that is because it works to dry out the bacon, intensifying the flavour and this is the exact opposite of what modern commercial techniques do, because they aim to increase the weight by adding extra water. The proof of this is not just in the taste but you’ll see when you cook it that it fries immediately rather than boiling in it’s own liquid first. So much better, just listen to the sizzle!

Once you’ve made your own bacon you’ll want to try using our artisan cheese making kit. Bacon and cheese butties… perfect!


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