Around the World in 20 Cheeses


Our Around the World in 20 Cheese Kit is a bit smaller than the Artisan Kit.

It makes 20 different kinds of cheese from around the world so gives a beginner cheese maker plenty of experience in different styles of cheese.


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The Around the World in 20 Cheeses kit is one our most popular.

As the name suggests this cheese making kit is designed to help you create 20 different kinds of cheese from all around the world.

Cheesemaking developed independently in every corner of the globe and different regions developed different styles of cheese to suit the environment, diet, and preferences of the people that live there.

The buffalos of Nothern Italy are perfect for making mozzarella and burrata. You might not have your own buffalo but you can certainly make your own soft, creamy pasta filata cheeses to melt on your pizzas.

The curd cheese of Canada is essential to the national dish of Poutine. Try it yourself and treat yourself to the perfect chips and gravy!

Each one of the 20 kinds of cheese you can make with this kit teaches you a new skill and works perfectly with a recipe from its home country.