Mediterranean Cheese Making Kit

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  • Cheese Monkey’s Mediterranean Cheese Making Kit
  • Halloumi, Fresh Goats cheese. Mozzarella and more
  • Full ingredients and instructions – makes over 10kg of cheese
  • Easily make 12 different Mediterranean cheeses at home
  • Everything you need: cheese Basket, thermometer, rennet, herbs, reusable cheesecloth
  • Big cheese making kit Makes a lot of cheese. With full support.


This Cheese Monkey kit is inspired by the cheeses of the mediterranean. Start with Greek halloumi and then make our way around the countries of the mediterranean, Italian Mozzarella, Israeli Labneh or Spanish Queso Blanco. This kit contains all the ingredients (except milk) and instructions to make 12 different cheeses.

There are sufficient ingredients to try out each recipe at least twice, making over 20 batches and 10kg of cheese!

Includes hardware: dairy thermometer, cheesecloth and cheese shaping/draining mould

Ingredients: vegetarian rennet, citric acid, herbs, mint, cheese salt

Cheese Monkey has produced an excellent, full colour recipe book. Each cheese gets a section with clear, step-by-step guide and beautiful colour photographs. We have received fantastic reviews on the clarity of the instructions.

Even with no experience anyone can be making their own cheese in under an hour – or when you are feeling adventuros then some of the recipes take a few days to compete.

In case you ever get stuck then every customer can call for personal support.


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