Cheese Making Kit Reviews

We like to think that when you use your Cheese Monkey Cheese Making Kit you’ll want to share what you’ve made. Our kits make a lot of cheese… but perhaps not quite enough to share with the whole world! So, instead why not share your cheese making kit reviews with us and we’ll pass on the info?

Just send your cheese making kit review to us and we’ll include it on the site so the next customers can read it and maybe get a few tips.

Say cheese please… if you also send us some photos of your cheese – or of you making cheese that’s even better. For every customer that send us a photo we’ll send you a bacon curing kit to say thank you.


It is that simple, send us a review and a photo and we’ll send you gift.




They don’t need to be perfect foodie images,

just use your phone and email the snap to [email protected]


If you aren’t interested in getting a free kit from Cheese Monkey, but still; want to share your review then you can just post it at the bottom of each page in this website.

Legal stuff: by sending us your review and photos you are agreeing that we can publish them and use them for promoting Cheese monkey.